Day #1

Welcome to .NET MAUI!  -  David Ortinau   Maddy Montaquila  

09:00 (PT) | 16:00 (UTC)

Maddy and David open the day with an introduction to .NET Multi-platform App UI, why it's an important framework for .NET developers, and some of the momentum they're seeing in the .NET ecosystem around native client development.

Setting up shop for .NET MAUI  -  Gerald Versluis  

10:00 (PT) | 17:00 (UTC)

With all this content about .NET MAUI it's easy to forget that there comes one step before building amazing apps: setting up your development environment! In this session I will give you an overview of what is involved with setting up your dev box to start developing with .NET MAUI. After this session you will know what to install, how to configure the pieces together and how to run your first .NET MAUI app!

Authenticate users and call protected APIs in your MAUI app  -  Sameer Khandekar  

10:30 (PT) | 17:30 (UTC)

Securing customer information is of paramount importance. Come and learn how, using MSAL.NET, you can add authentication of users to your MAUI app, and call a protected web API on behalf of the signed-in user! This session briefly explains OAuth 2.0, and how your app can use MSAL.NET to sign-in a user and get an access token for a protected API. It covers both Azure Active Directory and Azure AD B2C users. B2C user should be able to login in the app using their Facebook, Google, and Microsoft accounts.

Building Beautiful apps for Mac using .NET MAUI  -  Elizabeth Hare  

11:00 (PT) | 18:00 (UTC)

.NET MAUI support for Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is in preview! Join Elizabeth Hare for a tour of the new VS Mac experience and a demo of .NET MAUI capabilities that you can try today!

From web to native with .NET MAUI and Blazor  -  Dan Roth  

11:30 (PT) | 18:30 (UTC)

Blazor uses the latest open web standards to enable full stack web development with .NET. But what if you need to build a native client app? Blazor has expanded beyond the web to enable building native client apps using a hybrid of web technologies and .NET. In this session we’ll look at the new Blazor Hybrid support in .NET MAUI for building cross-platform native client apps for mobile, desktop using your existing Blazor web UI components.

Single Project - MAUI application architecture and features  -  McKenna Barlow  

12:00 (PT) | 19:00 (UTC)

In this session, learn about what makes up a MAUI application! .NET MAUI single project takes care of collecting all the development experiences from the different target platforms and abstracts them into a single shared project so that you can have a simplified and consistent cross-platform development experience across all target platforms. Come learn about MAUI application architecture and some of the cool features you can take advantage of!

Code Reuse with .NET MAUI  -  Sam Basu  

12:30 (PT) | 19:30 (UTC)

While .NET MAUI is the next generation of .NET cross-platform development, there are plenty of ways to reuse existing code & skills. Migration & reusability from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI should be natural - tools can help. .NET code & styling can now be shared seamlessly between web, desktop & mobile. Blazor is very welcome in .NET MAUI and developers can do all the native mobile/desktop things with Blazor code, while reusing shared Blazor components between web/.NET MAUI/WPF/WinForms. JavaScript code with Angular or React is also welcome on native mobile/desktop apps with .NET MAUI. Let's explore the future of portability & developer productivity with .NET MAUI.

Zero to Mobile Database Hero - Learn to create online/offline data storage capable cross-platform apps in < 30 minutes  -  Luce Carter  

13:00 (PT) | 20:00 (UTC)

Storage of data is a core part of of many applications. Historically, when you ask developers about databases, they will talk to you about SQLite. But this is not the only way! In this session, Luce will introduce you to the powerful Developer Data Platform of MongoDB and how their cloud-hosted products, including Realm can allow you to easily store, query and manipulate data, with automatic online/offline sync, authentication and more. You will go away feeling more confident to turn your back on SQL and embrace the power of the document data model!

C# 11: The highlights  -  Mads Torgersen  

13:30 (PT) | 20:30 (UTC)

Mads takes a whirlwind tour through the language features in the upcoming C# 11. Static virtual members, list patterns, required properties and raw string literals are all among the new tools in your toolbox for writing cleaner, safer, more general and more concise code in C#.

C# and LINQ for Data Access with EF Core  -  Jeremy Likness  

14:00 (PT) | 21:00 (UTC)

Forget magic strings, hand-written SQL queries and unfamiliar SDKs to deal with local data in your .NET MAUI apps. Entity Framework Core, also known as EF Core, is an object-mapper that empowers .NET developers to work with databases using the .NET languages and type system they know and love. In this session, learn how EF Core simplifies working with a cross-platform SQLite database in a .NET MAUI app and handles everything from complex queries to multiple updates that execute with a single line of developer code. Discover how client developers can use the same APIs that drive most REST, GraphQL, and gRPC backends on the server!

UI Design for .NET MAUI  -  Leomaris Reyes  

14:30 (PT) | 21:30 (UTC)

In this session, you will be able to replicate an amazing UI and to know some important tips to be a hero with XAML in .NET MAUI!

DevOps with .NET MAUI using GitHub Actions & Azure DevOps  -  Sweeky Satpathy  

15:00 (PT) | 22:00 (UTC)

Let's learn how to get started with a starter DevOps pipeline in GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps. We'll walkthrough some sample pipelines and learn how to configure the settings. You'll learn tips and tricks to help you add DevOps goodness to all your .NET MAUI apps!

Getting apps ready for stores & publishing  -  Olia Gavrysh  

15:30 (PT) | 22:30 (UTC)

Now that you've built a great app with .NET MAUI, it's time to publish it! In this session, you'll learn how to package and distribute your apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Building Realtime Games with .NET MAUI  -  Shaun Lawrence  

16:00 (PT) | 23:00 (UTC)

After all of the excellent topics today let's kick back and enjoy a good gaming session. We will be looking at how we can build games in .NET MAUI and especially focussing on how we can leverage the power of SignalR to apply a multiplayer/realtime element to our games.

Wrap up  -  Jeff Fritz  

16:30 (PT) | 23:30 (UTC)

After a full day of great .NET MAUI content, join us for the after-party! Jeff, Dee Dee, and Sara will recap the highlights and give away swag to our lucky winners!