Day #1

Welcome Session  -  Scott Hunter   Olia Gavrysh   Dmitry Lyalin  

08:00 (PT) | 16:00 (UTC)

We'll open the day with what's happening in the .NET ecosystem, the .NET Windows developer landscape, and show you what's new with Windows Forms and WPF development on .NET 5.

Upgrading .NET Desktop Apps from .NET Framework to .NET 5  -  Cathy Sullivan  

09:00 (PT) | 17:00 (UTC)

Desktop apps can take advantage of .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5 which provides better performance, deployment flexibility and new language innovations. The first step is getting there. Come see why and how you can take your Windows apps forward and upgrade them quickly with a new tool we're working on.

What's New in Visual Basic on .NET 5?  -  Kathleen Dollard   Klaus Loffelmann  

09:30 (PT) | 17:30 (UTC)

Visual Basic has full language support on .NET Core and in .NET 5 we've enabled even more features for Windows desktop developers. Come take a look at some of the new things you can do.

Real-Time Desktop Apps with Azure SignalR Service  -  Sam Basu  

10:00 (PT) | 18:00 (UTC)

ASP.NET SignalR is a technology that powers real-time communications across web, desktop and mobile platforms and is available as a turn-key Azure service. Whether you are building native WinForms, WPF or WinUI desktop apps or enabling cross-platform solutions through Blazor or .NET Multi-platform App UI, SignalR can sprinkle in real-time magic for desktop solutions. Come see the possibilities!

Practical Tips to Improve Your Users Experience  -  Jessica Engström  

10:30 (PT) | 18:30 (UTC)

As humans we have limitations like perception, focus, concentration, distractions you name it. With a simple mindset shift to start recognizing that there is in fact a human with a brain (with all the glory and limitations) on the other end of your solution, the experience for both the user and you will increase enormously. There are hundreds of UX-principles, laws and rules but there often isn't time or resources to study and learn all these. We will look at a few easy steps to improve your UX regardless of if you develop for desktop, web or mobile.

XAML Productivity Tooling Enhancements in Visual Studio 2019  -  Dmitry Lyalin  

11:00 (PT) | 19:00 (UTC)

Over the least year we've made many XAML Tooling improvements for WPF, UWP, WinUI 3 and Xamarin.Forms. In this session join us for a demo packed recap of all the top features we've released such as our continuously improving XAML Hot Reload experience, enhance data binding diagnostics tooling, design-time data for XAML designer, MVVM tooling enhancements and more.

Contributing to WPF and Windows Forms Projects on GitHub  -  Georgios Petrou   Hugh Bellamy   Igor Velikorossov   Tobias Käs   Olia Gavrysh  

11:30 (PT) | 19:30 (UTC)

Windows Forms and WPF have been open source for over a year and there have been many amazing contributions. In this session the lead contributors to these projects will show you how you can get started contributing as well!

Mid-conference Break  -  Jeff Fritz   Kayla Cinnamon  

12:00 (PT) | 20:00 (UTC)

Take a break and grab some food while Jeff interviews Kayla Cinnamon from the Windows Dev team about building Windows Terminal.

Bringing your Windows Forms and WPF apps to ARM Devices  -  Jeremy Sinclair  

12:30 (PT) | 20:30 (UTC)

Running your desktop applications on ARM devices natively can significantly speed up performance for your end users. Fortunately, Windows Forms and WPF on ARM64 is coming in .NET 6. See how you can upgrade your desktop apps to take advantage of ARM64.

Deploying Windows Apps with ClickOnce on .NET 5  -  Jasmine Greenaway   Olia Gavrysh  

13:00 (PT) | 21:00 (UTC)

.NET 5 brings a lot of advantages for Windows desktop developers like self-contained EXEs that can be deployed side-by-side without having to have .NET installed machine-wide. This can make your company’s ClickOnce deployments and installations much easier. Come see the latest features and learn how you can leverage Azure to streamline your deployment process.

An Opinionated Way to Deploy Windows Apps using GitHub Actions  -  Isaac Levin  

13:30 (PT) | 21:30 (UTC)

GitHub Actions allows you to build, test and deploy your code right from a GitHub repo. In this session you will see how to use GitHub Actions to deploy your Windows apps to Chocolatey and the Windows Store.

Bringing Desktop Apps to the Cloud with Azure and MS Graph  -  Javier Lozano  

14:00 (PT) | 22:00 (UTC)

In this session we will cover how you can add Azure Identity support to your Windows applications. We will step through demos on how to use Azure AD for authentication as well as using the Microsoft Graph APIs.

Bringing the Best of the Web to Your .NET Windows Apps with WebView2  -  Palak Goel  

14:30 (PT) | 22:30 (UTC)

WebView2 is Microsoft’s new embedded web browser control, built on top of Microsoft Edge (Chromium). Come learn how you can easily enhance your .NET Windows applications with this modern web control.

Windows APIs Everywhere in .NET  -  Mike Battista   Angela Zhang  

15:00 (PT) | 23:00 (UTC)

Unlock the full potential of your .NET applications by taking advantage of the native platform APIs in Windows. In this demo heavy session, you’ll learn how we’ve simplified Windows development by making access to both WinRT and Win32 APIs easy in .NET 5.

Building .NET Hybrid Apps with Blazor  -  Daniel Roth  

15:30 (PT) | 23:30 (UTC)

Hybrid apps are native apps that use web technologies for the UI. In this session we’ll look at how you can use Blazor to build hybrid apps using .NET instead of JavaScript. We’ll explore building .NET hybrid apps for mobile and desktop using the experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings, and then discuss our plans for supporting cross-platform hybrid desktop apps with .NET 6 and .NET Multi-platform App UI.

Project Reunion  -  Zarya Faraj   Miguel Ramos  

16:00 (PT) | 00:00 (UTC)

Enabling developers to build amazing Windows experiences for all 1+Billion Windows users is the goal of Project Reunion. This session will cover the capabilities of Project Reunion and how you can take advantage of it from your .NET applications.

The Future of Native Apps Development in .NET 6  -  Maddy Leger   David Ortinau  

16:30 (PT) | 00:30 (UTC)

.NET Multi-platform App UI is a framework for building cross-platform desktop, tablet, and mobile apps with a single codebase. It's in early preview and will be available with .NET 6. Come see how you can build native apps for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android all at the same time.